Inauguration of
Maharishi World
Peace Movement
TM-Sidhi Programme
Participation Form

At present Maharishi Vishwa Shanti Andolan (Maharishi World Peace Movement) is being launched in India for Indian Citizens.

Please note that only Indian Citizens can participate in this Peace Movement.

Maharishi World Peace Movement has following categories of Participants:

1. Student Participant  -

Age 10 to 18 years. Participation Contribution Rs. 300. Students need to attach a certificate* giving date of birth.

2. Adult Citizen Participant -
Age 18 to 65 years. Participation Contribution Rs. 900.
3. Senior Citizen Participant -
Age above 65 years. Participation Contribution Rs. 600. Senior Citizen need to attach a certificate* giving date of birth.
4. Family Participants -
Up to 8 family members, will include Husband, Wife, dependent Mother, Father and children. Other relatives not to be included. Participation Contribution Rs. 3000.
5. Organisation/Corporate Participant -
egistered Trust, Society, Partnership Firm, Private or Public Limited Company. Participation Contribution Rs. 25,000.
*Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar of Birth and Death, or School Board certificate or University certificate in which DBO is mentioned.
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